Incursion : Merkiaari Wars

  • by Mark E. Cooper
  • Narrated by Mikael Naramore
  • Series: Merkiaari Wars
  • 12 hrs and 17 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The war games are on, but the real battle has just begun....


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One of the best sci-fi's I've enjoyed!

I wanted to review each novel as I listened, but felt drawn into going straight to the next and then the next.
This series absolutely enraptured my creative enjoyment from book one all the way to here, and leaves me wishing that the next one comes out sooner rather than later.
It was so enjoyable that it made my work habits whilst listening easier than ever.

All of the different characters who carry the limelight in their own acts in the story are each unique from one another.
They all hark from very different cultural, military, and even species circumstances that make caring for their plights and perspectives interesting and fresh.

I love the description of the technologies used too. It's neither too simple nor too complicated. Each of the technologies is believable and explained simply enough to convey that and build a basic image of how it was built/functions. I feel an error of many sci-fi's is trying too hard to scientifically explain a fictional technology for the sake of the story and bogging the story down in over-the-top details that shake up your suspension of disbelief.
This story does not do that!
Fold Space drives are described incredibly simply, and I love that you essentially don't learn their presumably intricate workings and just know that they do in fact work with variations of power/speed from different vessel classes.

The sense of scale is also wonderful. This series really grasps the idea of how big the galaxy and space is, and the colonies are all so far apart in distance and time that each move feels important.

The only points that troubled me were the descriptions of the Shaan and the Merkiaari, physically I mean.
Over the various scenes with each of them I got the idea about what they looked like, but (unless I wasn't paying sufficient attention at the time) I didn't hear any comprehensively descriptive viewpoint on either of them to clearly paint a picture of them. In saying that, I do know how difficult it can be to accurately describe a creative image of a fictional being without actual images.
One reason why I absolutely love it when an author employs a graphic artist to depict some core elements; worlds, ships, weapons, creatures, in some viewable pages of their novel.

The only other point which I craved during the happening would have been more info/flashback of immediately following the first war about the political, social, and military circumstances that prevented Humanity from weeding out the Merkiaari.
Just from a simple perspective, the dangers of not seeking them out and eradicating them following the first war far outweigh the dangers of not - the series speaks for itself with this new war beginning. But I would like to understand the politics that brought all that to the state it is.

But the few points I didn't like are tiny compared to how much I love this series!
I am certain that once the series is complete, that I will listen to this several more time over the years.

And not to mention how amazing the narration was! Superb!

Rush the next ones out please!! :)
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- Loxton

Please sir can I have some more

More please now

The way the characters have been built and the story is so rich well written and really
Enjoyable narrator is stunning really enjoy mikael work
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- Michael

Book Details

  • Release Date: 29-12-2016
  • Publisher: Impulse Books UK LTD