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4 out of 5 stars
By Sophia Rose on 09-02-2017

Humorous and Suspenseful Paranormal Mystery

Killer title, right? Yeah, sorry couldn't resist that one, but it's really what snagged my attention first. The whimsical cover screamed cozy mystery to me and that's fine because I've been meaning to try more of them. But then hey... she's a ghost hunter with a ghostly gangster for a partner and a handsome cop for a boyfriend.

When I finished, I looked around and lamented the fact that I really needed to go back for the whole series. I'd missed out. Souther gal ghost hunter, quirky small town and residents, colorful ghost companion, swoony Sheriff's Deputy flame, ghost-riddled mansion, cursed family, and Egyptian tomb treasure made my interest perk right up and stay there.

Verity was a heroine that I enjoyed though there were times that I shook my head over her lack of self-preservation. She's bubbly and an all-around nice girl. She's at the stage where she's making the most of the circumstances that have her tied to a ghost. Instead of getting down about being the town kook, she wears that t-shirt with pizzazz. This is her first job in her new business after doing it all for free in the past. I admired how intrepid she was and concerned for the interests of all involved.

These were great fun with the humor splashed on liberally, but also had a pretty gritty ghostly mystery, too. I was nearly hyperventilating in one scene (take that with a grain of salt since I'm a wuss about scary stuff). The mystery had me curious and I had pieces of the solution, but not the entire thing before the reveal.

I experienced this story in audio edition. This was my first time with Tavia Gilbert for a narrator. I enjoyed her voice and her storytelling style. Her general narration voice is soothing without being soporific. She nailed the humor and had me figuratively chewing my nails during the scary crazy moments in the haunted mansion. I thought her Frankie the gangster ghost was perfect. She didn't over do the gangsta schtick, but got the wry pragmatism. I'd definitely listen to more of her work.

All in all, this was a great first outing with a new to me author and series. I've got book one ready to go and would push this one at those who enjoy cozy mysteries that shade a little dark blended with the paranormal.

I rec'd this book free.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Troublemer on 09-07-2017

Homicidal Ghost

Wow!!!I have to say this is my favorite so far. This was verity's first job as a ghost hunter. Boy did things get "hairy". Being chased by a homicidal ghost and being locked in a haunted house can be quite upsetting. Well at least she had Ellis with her. Oh and almost being pushed off a cliff by the ghost. Yep. Ghost hunting can be dangerous.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Kindle Customer on 24-05-2017

Love the story.

Hate the whiny narrator, she takes all the fun out of the story. Very good story, love the author.

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4 out of 5 stars
By TVNerd95 on 02-03-2017

Series is doing a great job of being a consistent

So I really enjoyed this book and loved watching Verity commit to being a ghost hunter and heading straight into a job. I think the best part of the book though was that Verity really handled much of this book on her own. Ellis was very much a supporting character in this story versus being with her for all the adventures and Frankie was just plain not willing to help.

The mystery was fabulous and very different from what I expecting with a book series being so entrenched in the southern culture. Mummies and Egyptian curses was a great addition to Sugarland’s already rich history. Verity and Ellis relationship is still too cute for words and I enjoy how accepting he is of her and Lucy the skunk.

I guess by only issue with the book and why I didn’t give it 5 stars is new dynamic to Verity and Frankie’s relationship because I personally felt Frankie was a total ass in this book and his last minute pep talk to Verity seemed very out of place for him considering how he treated her throughout the rest of the book. His whole reluctance to be even remotely helpful seemed very out of character for him based on the past books. I understand being tied to Verity’s property is a drain on him and honestly I’m kind of ready for that to be over.

Angie Fox did a fabulous job of describing the house and grounds of Rock Fall mansion and it painted a very detailed in my head. The other good thing Angie does is keep Verity true to her character and I love that. The character has stayed consistent throughout the four books and hasn’t started to annoy me yet which usually happens by now in most series. I also have no complaints as Tavia Gilbert has now become the voice of Verity and I will accept now substitutes.

Concerns: Either give her a good steady job with income or paying clients cause after this fourth book if I have to read about Dollar Store Ramen noodles I think I’m going to scream.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Sandy on 21-11-2017

listened to the end but...

I listened to the end, but found the leading lady in the book a bit annoying at times. got tried of her fighting with her personal ghost so much.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Wendy Brumback on 28-10-2017

decent story, not so decent narration

decent story, couple of parts were the author failed to transition well or set up the reader for a change in a character's view, but overall pretty good.
not so good narration. It's okay during normal speaking moments, but when something bad is happening the voice goes all high pitched and squeaky. very overly dramatic sounding and you find yourself rolling your eyes at the character, plus if your sensitive to sound it starts giving you a headache. the narration makes you wonder how the main character can accomplish anything seeing as she sounds like a ditzy school girl for half the book.
so I suggest reading the book, not listening to the audio book.

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