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5 out of 5 stars
By 🔹🔹🔹CAROLYN 🔹🔹🔹 on 18-04-2017


Rebecca Brooke outdid herself with this chilling, thrilling and sizzling tale of an abused wife and her unlikely savior who tentatively showed, enthusiastically encouraged and eventually convinced her to take back her life. It wasn't a light easy-going listen but it was easy to get caught up in this well described emotional story as two strangers slowly find out they're perfect for each other. But the true perfection of this story, IMO, didn't come from its remarkable well written chapters.. no, it came from the duet narration by two actors whose voices skilfully brought scenes, characters and emotional chapters to life. Conversations flowed easy as they each stuck to their own gender's voices and I'll be checking out more books narrated by this real-life couple.

It was meant to be a normal day for Ashton - he was in his private box at the game which is where he usually carried out the family's shady Loan Shark business.. but there was far more to this handsome businessman because he was a Restauranteur and a Chef too. Ashton thought he'd seen and heard it all - but when his next debtor came shuffling in with a very mousy downtrodden woman in tow, and then offered her to him for three months as his own personal sex slave, Ashton saw red. But he also saw the way she was cowering and just about holding herself together because he'd seen abuse before so he took pity on the woman and swore to change her life and her future. Which he slowly, tenderly, thoughtfully and very patiently did.. and he also changed his own future too because this timid woman was going to suit him, and his desires, in every way.

Elena had unknowingly married Dominic, her high school sweetheart, during a drunken night in Vegas five years previously and had been 'conditioned' into becoming a robot wife by years of verbal and mental abuse which had alienated her from everyone and everything except her Diner job. Elena accepted her life without questioning it, but when her gambler/douche husband Dominic exchanged Elena to wipe off some of his debt, it was the scariest day of her life.. but it would prove to be the best day too. Because it was going to open her eyes to kindness, caring, thoughtfulness, freedom, sexual bliss, a new career and love.. and those gifts would come from one man - the drool-worthy sexy Ashton Hawes. He would show her, spoil her, tell her and teach her a new way of thinking.. but it wouldn't all be plain sailing because Ashton's life came with problems and Dominic wasn't going to let his wife go that easily.

It was a hard listen at the beginning and I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy it.. but very quickly I was put at ease by Ashton's obvious care and protection of Elena which, day by day, grew into love. And hearing how Elena blossomed and thrived due to Ashton's never-ending encouragement was sweet and he opened her eyes to a whole new sexual world.. one filled with an alpha Dom who liked to play and wanted to share his toys!!

Worth a credit? Definitely.. but it is a work of fiction because sadly we all know that in the real world abused women aren't as lucky as Elena was.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Zara Quintana on 22-01-2017

Perfectly Imperfect Way to Find Your Soulmate

Any additional comments?

I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom. At first I wasn't sure I would like this story since the husband is such a verbally and emotionally abusive douche. Then he trades his wife to a loan-shark for his $200k debt, which doesn't seem to be any better situation for her. You want to not only hate the douche husband, but you want to hate the loan-shark for accepting the trade. But the more you listen to the awesome narrating duo perform the characters and bring to life their story, you find that the loan-shark may not be such a bad guy. In the end, I loved this story and the HEA for the main character regaining her confidence and Independence, along with the chance at being loved by a deserving man. I highly recommend this audiobook.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Q on 05-06-2017

Definition of a Romance Novel

It started off a little slow but gained momentum. The sex scenes were ok but my personal taste is for more non-verbal sounds rather than just reading. The storyline isn't quite as believable but it works for the romance. Overall I liked the book. I listened going to and from work.

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5 out of 5 stars
By jennifer eiler on 13-05-2017

Love this

So much happens total worth the listen enjoyed every minute of this listen will listen again

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5 out of 5 stars
By Nina on 06-05-2017

Loved it!

I loved Rebecca Brooke ever since FORGIVEN was released and TRADED has been on my TBR for a while. So when I was offered the opportunity to listen and review the audio book version, I jumped at the chance.

This book deals with a very sensitive subject matter in a magnificent way. Portraying domestic violence in the form of mental and verbal abuse and what it does to a person is definitely not an easy task, but Rebecca managed to do it with so much care, realistically showing what years of suffering from this can do to a person’s self-respect: It decreased to almost nothing, until you no longer believe that you are worth anything at all and deserving of the treatment you receive.

Elena is married to a monster; no matter how hard she tries to please him, follow his every commands – it is not enough, never done right, only strengthening her belief that she is unworthy of her husband. She is not able to realize that what her abusive husband is doing to her is all kinds of wrong.

Dominic, her husband, is aggressive, impulsive and destructive – and a gambler that is deep in debt to a loan shark with no ability to pay it back. It seems only self-explanatory and –preservative to him to offer this loan shark his wife’s services to pay off said debt… What a douche.

Ashton, the loan shark, accepts, but for different reasons than one might accept. Because although he might work in a shady business, he does it not really by choice, it simply came with his family. Apart from that he has been raised to never disrespect a woman. So consequently a man trading his wife for a debt makes his hackles rise – witnessing the abuse she has to suffer himself, his accepting the trade only seems logical to him.

Ashton is one perfect hero. He sees something in Elena that she long had forgotten existed, doing everything in his power to bring this fragile woman back to life. Because with Ashton’s help, Elena slowly starts to blossom again – finding her self-worth and regaining her confidence. And Elena is not the only thing that blossoms…

The audio book is narrated by Honey Scarlett and Leeroy Will, who are both doing a terrific job, solidifying once more why I came to love dual narration. They are one perfect team. I loved Honey’s soft voice which perfectly fitted Elena and Will’s deep rumbly voice for Ashton. Even Dominic got the unappealing voice he deserved. I’m looking forward to listening more to their works!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Cassi A. Beard on 02-05-2017

A fantastic story

Would you listen to Traded again? Why?

It was a story worth listening to again. I loved the characters, the storyline of the sweet caring loan shark towards an emotionally abused woman.

What does Honey Scarlett and Leeroy Will bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

They were an excellent duet. They had a wonderful way of brining the story to life and giving real raw emotions.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

I finished it in 2 sittings! If I hadn't started it so late in the evening I would have finsihed it in 1 for sure!

Any additional comments?

It's a wonderful book that brings out the true raw feelings of what emotinal abuse does to a person. The type of people you need in your life surrounding you to over come it as well. For such a tough topic, Rebecca Brooke did a wonderful job sheddign light on the topic as well as the process someone has to undergo to overcome.

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