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5 out of 5 stars
By Jan on 02-03-2017

Narrator does great!

urban-fantasy, pet, shifters, magic, witches, humor, romance

What fun! A crazed witch, a canine shifter cursed to be a cat, and a curvy woman who carries a negative self image after a lousy relationship come together and make for a funny romance. The publisher's blurb gives hints and there is no need for spoilers, but that can't begin to prepare you for all the laughs! I loved it
Margi is really great at this!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Erika on 29-01-2016

I found myself hungry for more!

What did you love best about Shifter?

Everything! I enjoyed the southern feel to it, and how she displayed the thoughts and actions of a cat.

What did you like best about this story?

It was unique. I read a lot and love stories that standout from the rest.

Which character – as performed by Margi Stephens – was your favorite?

I think I liked Abby best, but that's a draw because I so loved Dimitri the cat.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

The book made me laugh on several occasions.

Any additional comments?

Shifter by Jennifer Reynolds is an incredibly entertaining paranormal romance and Margi Stephens voice brings the book alive as she narrates and changes her tone and voice for each character and specific dialog.
It’s set in the southern U.S. I’m not a native born southerner but have spent twenty five years living in various southern states and found the language and innuendos hilarious. For that reason, it had a Sookie Stackhouse feel to it.
Abby is a homebody, even works from home. She suffered a horrible, abusive past relationship and has succumbed to living a life alone. Her self-esteem is lower than the ground she walks on. She sees herself as overweight, and feels no man would ever be seriously interested in her. Daily she talks with her sister and friends, but that’s the limit to her socialization. One morning she has an overwhelming need to get her cat Sabastian a companion, only the cat she picks out isn’t a normal cat.
I adored the way parts of the story through the cat’s perspective. I’ve owned many cats and often wondered what was going through their minds so found the cat’s thoughts hysterical.
Dimitri is a gorgeous shifter who did a witch wrong, he pays the price. Over the course of the book, he changes and becomes a lot more humble. He was never a bad guy just not the most caring or responsible.
This book was hard to put down and I found myself hungry for more when it ended.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Cyn on 26-09-2015

An interesting story

Would you listen to another book narrated by Margi Stephens?

It would depend on the voice she used. I am sorry but I didn't care to much for you in this audio.

Any additional comments?

I thought this was an interesting story with lots to get into. I do feel I would have enjoyed it more if I had read it and not listened to the audio. The author does have a wonderful imagination and the story is believable. I did have a problem with some of the curse words at the beginning and thought this was the way the whole story would be. The author does calm that down which make it a more enjoyable listen. The author gives you a story of a one nightstand where the lady isn't happy with this. Since she is a witch she turns him in to a cat and the story goes on from there with him trying to get his old self back and the lady who doesn't have a clue helps him as the witch tries her best to keep him a cat and hopefully dead soon.

As the audio takes off I found the narrator to be very good but after a while it just seemed every character whined. For me that was a little bit to much whining. If this is how the author meant for the story to be taken than the narrator did an outstanding job of the narration. I did feel she brought life to the characters. I just feel I would have liked this book better if I had read it. Which is usually the other way around. Beside the book being to whining I thought the narrator did a good job. I heard no back ground noise in the audio, there were a few times I could tell she had taken a break and restarted. But all in all not a bad audio if you can get past all the characters whine. I would like to listen to another book from this narrator to see if this is her style or the way the book was written.

As for the story it's self I didn't understand why the need for masturbation. I thought that was out of place. The rest of the story was very interesting as Dimitri found his self turned into a cat with the hope of getting nine lives. If the witch has her choice he won't get past one. This is a hard book for me to review as I look back over the story all I can hear is the whining of each character. I may try reading the book and see if that will help my review any. I thought the narration a 3, all over I am going to give it a 4 because I kind of feel the author really wanted the characters to whine. The story I will give a 4 since I thought it was interesting even though I had a few issues which I thought were either not needed or were to much. The author gives a story that most likely could pull you in if you had read it and not listened to it.

I do have to say I am sorry but this was not a win win listen for me. I can't say there were not part I didn't enjoy because there was. As an audio it isn't one I would want to listen to again. I really hate to say that but it is true. Give the book and the audio a try do not let my thoughts stop you from picking it up. We all cannot enjoy the same thing.

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2 out of 5 stars
By Doreen on 02-08-2015


I have very little patience for whiney, self-denigrating people, and the fact that the main character in this book acknowledges being whiney and self-denigrating does little to make me more accepting of her. Predictable bits of plot are interspersed with sex/masturbation scenes which do little to make the story more interesting. The narrator does a perfect job doing the whiney voice, which only makes me hate the character more. There's light summer reading, and then there's time-wasting. This was the latter.

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